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About Us

From web sites for children to web site for seniors. From sites about games to sites about finances. All webmasters have the two same goals:

provide fresh, engaging content for their users and

find out more about thier users

Polling Desk lets you do just that.

How? Polling Desk allows you to create automatically rotating polls that you can easily embed on your own site. This way, you can have content on your site that is always fresh with no effort on your part. As for the poll questions themselves, Polling Desk gives you the flexiblity to create any kind of question you would want. You can create questions with anywhere from one to ten possible answers, and you can even upload an image to be shown with your question. The only limitation is your imagination.

And because the poll questions are totally up to you, you can create questions to capture any information you may find useful about your users. For example, if you want to find out the median age range of your users, simply create and include the question "What is your age group?" as part of your poll.

In addition, Polling Desk give you the powerful feature to combine your results. For example, suppose your poll contains the questions "What is your age group?" and "What is your gender?" Not only can you find what the age and gender breakdown of your users look like, but you can combine the results to find out what the age group breakdown is like WITHIN a specific gender.

Best of all, IT'S EASY AND FREE! Simply:

1. Sign up for an account

2. Create a poll (You can create multiple polls.)

3. Create questions for your poll (As many as you like.)

4. Embed the code to show your poll on your site (Don't have your own site? No problem. Check out the section below.)

That's it! Ready to get started?  Register now

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